A day out at Motiti

Text by Glen / Photos by Graeme

A couple of weeks ago a mate and I headed off for a day on the water. There was slight chop coming in from the north, so rather than heading for the Mayor we decided on the southern end of Motiti and if it dropped out during the day we could check out the northern end later in the day.

This meant we had a good few hours around Cattle Bay. The viz was pretty good so if it was there we were going to see it. There was plenty of bait fish, small trevally, little snapper and a big school of kingi’s that were around legal size with a few larger hangers on. We gathered a few crays and some butter fish but nothIng of note, so tried a different spot in the hope of scoring some snapper. There were plenty of small snapper and maomao so a pretty hunt but nothing for the table.

We had a cruise around and finally decided to try out Back Rocks. There was not too much current so it was looking good. As the anchor was going down a school of Kahawai broke the surface. The school burst into commotion and a bow wave formed as a kingi selected a kahawai and pursed it in earnest. We jumped up on the gunwale and watched as the kahawai swam for its life, dodging left and right. The kingi was raising a massive bow wave and its’ tail thrashed around on the surface. The kahawai made a bee line for our boat and the kingi veered off. We were pretty happy with this and thought it boded well. My mate headed off one way and I went the other. I saw plenty of mackerel and small Kahawai but not single Kingi. By the time it was all over he had shot a nice fat kingi and all I had managed was to pick up a carrot. The kingi smoked up really nice.