Mayor Is Turtle

turtleIts been a bit hard getting out recently but we managed a quick trip to the Mayor a while back. The water had not fully warmed up but it was pleasant enough. A bit of a northerly swell and easterly breeze kept us down on the Western side.

Snapper were still as scarce as hens teeth and everything else was pretty quiet. I finally succumbed and shot a Blue Moki and Porae, both which I smoked up and enjoyed very much. But to cap off a quiet day I did see one thing that shows up from time to time.

For quite a few years we have been seeing a couple of turtles. There seemed to be a smaller one and a larger one. We were seeing them often enough to make us believe they were resident, and here on this rather cool summer day as I dived down this guy swam up.

It would not come too close but hung around long enough for a couple of photos. An amazing growth of sea lettuce on its back, so my guess is that it didn’t bring that with it and won’t be going too far with it. Maybe someone else can get close enough and remove some of it.