mmuc-dive-care-Whether you’ve only seen a scuba diver in action or you’re already a diver yourself, you know that diving is an equipment intensive activity.

Keep your scuba gear in tip top shape. To protect your scuba gear (and yourself given that scuba equipment is essentially life-support equipment) it’s important to care for it correctly. Most scuba gear comes with instructional manuals describing manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance, but here are some general suggestions to help keep your scuba gear in tip top shape:

One good thing about scuba gear is that because it’s waterproof, you can wash it. In fact, all scuba gear should be rinsed in clean, fresh water after every dive. Then, it should be dried before storing it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Remember to dry and firmly replace the regulator’s dust cap before rinsing the regulator to avoid any water entering the first stage. Ideally, rinse the regulator while it is still attached to the scuba tank and pressurized. That way no water will enter at all.

Have your scuba gear and equipment serviced regularly. Use clips and other attachments to keep all hoses and gauges close to your body while scuba diving. This prevents them from dragging across sharp rocks or coral. This also keeps them from or getting snagged or dirty.

Handle scuba tanks with care. They are heavy and you shouldn’t leave them standing up unattended – they can fall over and damage the valve or nearby toes.

You should rinse both the inside and outside of your BCD. Make sure to drain the water, then always store your BCD partially inflated.

Regularly inspect your mask strap, fin straps, snorkel and regulator mouthpieces and hoses for any sign of wear and tear. Sunlight, stretching and teeth easily damage these items so you might need to replace them sooner than expected.

After rinsing your wetsuit, hang it up to dry inside out on a wide hanger. Handle your scuba gear with care.

Consider completing the PADI Equipment Specialist course to learn more about caring for your scuba gear

  • Put together a spare parts kit with the most commonly broken, lost or worn out items:
  • Fin and mask straps.
  • O-rings.
  • Snorkel keeper.
  • Silicone grease.
  • Quick release buckles.
  • Pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, Allen wrench and pocket knife.

Keep a small first aid kit in your dive bag, just in case of minor scrapes!



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