Winter Vegies

All the fine winter days we have had of late has usually been accompanied by 20-25 knots of southerly. That’s fine if you are a ski bunny but for us spearos it means hugging the shore or swimming out to Rabbit. For a change we thought it was time to go in search of gurnard. I thought this would be a good scheme as the girl is a bit of a vegie and thought she would appreciate a carrot or two. We could even make a nutritious carrot soup.

So a few of the lads loaded up the boat with berley pots and on the good advice of a fisherman headed off down Matakana way.

We would lay the pots in about 8-10 metres and then let them soak for a while, a bit like on Worlds Most Dangerous Catch. I tell you the similarity does not end there. We would slip over the side of the boat and quietly sneak around the pots. No carrots but plenty of crabs. Scrappy little buggers they are too. So busy fighting amongst themselves they don’t get a chance to eat the berley. Mugs.

After three goes of this, up and down the beach with nothing to show for it, I was getting a bit worried it really would be carrot soup for dinner so we headed off to A buoy to see if there were any mussels worth grabbing. Luckily there were a few loitering in the crevasses so it would mussel fritters for tea and the carrots can stay in the cake where they belong.

All in all a nice day out of the wind with sun and smooth seas. Perhaps next time we will try another beach or maybe go up the harbour in search of flounder. You have to do something when the sun shines and the wind blows.