From Reeds To Regulators: The History Of Scuba

By Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson As divers, we frequently take our equipment for granted. If we stop to think about it, though, that we’ve found a way to transcend our physical limitations and breathe underwater is truly remarkable. Although equipment produced specifically for scuba has been around for less than a century, the practice of diving, whether … Continued

New Dive Record 332.35m

On September 18th, Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr embarked on a world-record breaking scuba-diving attempt, meant to take him deeper than anyone had ever dived. He resurfaced victorious, 14 hours after he submerged, and was met by a representative from Guinness World Records. Gabr’s astonishing descent took him to 1,090 feet (332.35 meters), beating by 46 … Continued

16 Things Nobody Knows About the Ocean

That water covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, mostly within our oceans, is pretty commonly known. As divers, we spend a lot of time in the sea, or at the very least a lot of time dreaming about it. It’s estimated that we have only explored 5 percent of the ocean, which leaves … Continued