Keen Lads

All week it had been 20 knots from the west and the forecast for Sunday was for more of the same. After chatting with Ian we felt that the wind would be behind on the way out so we should have a pretty smooth trip out and we could sneak back along the coast and … Continued

A day out at Motiti

Text by Glen / Photos by Graeme A couple of weeks ago a mate and I headed off for a day on the water. There was slight chop coming in from the north, so rather than heading for the Mayor we decided on the southern end of Motiti and if it dropped out during the … Continued

Spearo’s only

With all the interest in spearfishing lately and the number of snorkelers and spearos filling spots on the Shallow and Sheltered dive trips, we thought we would try a spearo only trip aboard the Mantra. Initially set for 17 April we had 11 keen spearos on board. Unfortunately, the weather intervened causing us to postponed … Continued

Mayor Is Turtle

Its been a bit hard getting out recently but we managed a quick trip to the Mayor a while back. The water had not fully warmed up but it was pleasant enough. A bit of a northerly swell and easterly breeze kept us down on the Western side. Snapper were still as scarce as hens … Continued

Speartime News

With all this good weather we have been having the spearos have been out and about. This is clearly evident by the number of fish being registered in the competition results. There are even two contestants in the ladies event, only the juniors are conspicuous by their absence. I have been out a couple of … Continued

From Butters and Moki to Snaps and Turks

While many fishermen in our area have never seen or even heard of a Butterfish, or “Greenbone” as they are sometimes called, they are a popular eating fish in the more southern parts of the country, as are Blue Moki. So there’s certainly nothing wrong with a Butter or Moki for dinner when you’re starting … Continued

Winter Vegies

All the fine winter days we have had of late has usually been accompanied by 20-25 knots of southerly. That’s fine if you are a ski bunny but for us spearos it means hugging the shore or swimming out to Rabbit. For a change we thought it was time to go in search of gurnard. … Continued

Russell To Paihia Snorkel Race

Last year we had a team in the Russell to Paihia snorkel race. The whole weekend was great fun but unfortunately some of us can’t make it this year due to being in Indonesia on a dive holiday. (Did I say unfortunately?) Check out this link, maybe you could put your own team together and head … Continued

Spear Time News Flash

There’s a spot on Sunday If you want to go to the Mayor. “I’m keen” was my instant response before I had the chance to think that it’s the beginning of July and bloody cold. Well, lucky I didn’t change my mind as the day was a stunner. Off out the entrance all rugged up … Continued